A groundbreaking NFT collection that combines the past with our future.

Public-Launch: 28 of April - 19:00 CET (0.19 Ξ)

Why Pionauts?

Right now, we’re facing great challenges in the world…

In turbulent and challenging times we all look for leadership, inspiration and ideas. The greatest pioneers in history navigated and inspired humankind in their own difficult times.

Now we bring the greatest leaders and thinkers back to life.

Let them tell their stories, to inspire people around the world once again.

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Creation Process


After thousands of hours the Pionauts team created photorealistic images from 150 statues and paintings of our historical pioneers.
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Every Pionaut’s virtual DNA has been altered. They all come with different facial features like facial hair, expressions or accessories.


With the merging of virtual genes via A.I. tech, we were able to generate combinations of the brightest minds in history. What could these merged pioneers achieve for mankind?

Shakespeare + Aristotle


With the help of motion capture, we were able to animate all of our Pionauts in their facial movements

What's next?

We have explored Earth, and now it’s time to explore space. Our Pionauts are being prepared for a mission to create a new settlement for mankind.

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Empress Josephine


25% SOLD
Telling Their Story

How would these magnificent characters behave exploring the unknown? They have already explored our Earth. It is time for one step further... SPACE

50% SOLD
Pionaut Avatars
We will implement our NFT's into the Metaverse.
75% SOLD
Metaverse Mars

Each and every one of you who goes on this adventure with us, will have a say in how our own Metaverse will take shape

100% SOLD
Education, movie & more

Expanding the world and explore collaborations with Metaverse games, brands, educational- and the movie industry

When the Pionauts collection has been sold out, Pionauts will share 25% of its royalty income from future projects with its NFT holders that are KYC (Know Your Customers) compliant. We are working out the exact details of this Utility

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The first drop will be of 1500 pieces. The total of the collection will be of 8500, and will be dropped in 3 batches.

WL pre-sale minting will start on April 26th 7pm CET / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. General sale will be available on April 28th 7pm CET / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. . The price to mint a Pionaut will be of 0.19 ETH, but for the whitelisted people, only 0.15 ETH

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